Which quantities for my recipe ?

Scale your recipe for as many servings as you want !

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How to convert my quantities for more or less servings ?

Recipes to do for more or less guests? Adjust the quantities!

The site MyKitchen makes it possible to realize its recipes by adapting the quantities of ingredients to the number of wished portions. The input of the ingredients is very convenient, it is assisted via a food base that also allows to consult the main nutrients.

Adapt the proportions of its recipes
This converter makes it easy to adapt quantities of ingredients of a recipe to a number of different guests.

How to calculate the right proportions?

For example, you have a recipe for 4 servings and you need it for 6 or 9 people (like making bread?).
How to adjust the quantities and then measure the right weights and volumes?

Recipe portion settings

  • First of all, you have to indicate the number of portions provided by the original recipe, at the top left.
  • Then enter the desired number of shares in the box on the right.

Entering recipe ingredients

  • The first line, corresponding to the first ingredient in the recipe, is already ready to fill
  • First enter the quantity (weight or volume) in the red box. This is a numeric value only!
  • Then select the unit of measurement (centilitres, grams, tablespoons, ...) from the drop-down menu next to it
  • The following box is used to enter the name of the food. Although optional, this information allows in some cases to go from a unit of mass to a unit of volume when the density of the ingredient is known.
  • A new line is created, ready to welcome a new ingredient for the result of the recipe

Visualization of the scaled recipe

  • The new quantity is immediately visible in the green box on the right!
  • It is possible to modify the unit of the result, according to the scale or the measuring glass used:
    conversion of units weight and volume recipes cuisine
    Example of weight-to-volume with US units of measure
That's all, and now, to your cookbooks and stoves!

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